Pandemic Expertise

With BOLDplanning helping scores of clients navigate the COVID-19 outbreak, our real-world experience means you can rely on us as a trusted partner.

All Hazards Approach

While Pandemic Event planning is critical, it is one of many hazards faced by organizations. Our Continuity of Operations (COOP), Emergency Operations (EOP) and Hazard Mitigation (HMP) plans will help your organization or community be better prepared for any threat.

Planning Made Easy

We make preparedness and continuity plans easy. We facilitate workshops with your team to develop approaches and actions tailored to your needs. The software makes the process easy to understand and highly efficient to maintain.

Pandemic Planning Resources

K-12 & Higher Ed

School districts, schools and institutions of higher learning have unique challenges associated with pandemic planning. BOLDplanning can help you ensure students and faculty remain healthy while learning continues.

Emergency Management

Emergency managers must consider the health of their own staff in addition to supporting decisions within the community. We can help build pandemic event plans for organizational continuity, as well as for public health initiatives.

Business Continuity

Keeping the essential functions of a business operating is paramount. We can facilitate pandemic (and other threat) planning to ensure your business moves forward during and after a crisis.
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Our pandemic event feature is just a small part of a comprehensive approach to planning.

Our workshops and online platform make continuity planning easy and effective.
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