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BOLDplanning manages the Emergency Operations Planning process through organizational and forensic analysis, integrated plan development with your stakeholders, and overall EOP strategy based on your individual needs and abilities.

Standards Based

Our EOP team monitors federal and state guidance, and incorporates real-world feedback from events and deployments to best apply FEMA’s Comprehensive Preparedness Guidance (CPG 101), the National Response Framework (NRF), and the National Incident Management System (NIMS) to cloud-based plans.

Planning Made Easy

Our approach consolidates diverse stakeholder input within web-based EOP software for writing, managing and enhancing your plan. The software makes the process easy to understand and highly efficient to maintain.

BOLDplanning’s software uses best practices for EOPs by:

  • Requiring users to assign actual ESF or Annex Actions to Department or Position Roles in your organization or jurisdiction

  • Developing clear and concise Team Roles across your organization and its divisions

  • Planning for contingencies with multi-tiered Orders of Succession and Delegation of Authorities

  • Providing a file repository for redundancy in case of loss of your internal drives or backups

  • Utilizing a built-in emergency SMS and email messaging system that reinforces your resiliency and communications ability

  • Tracking and monitoring all version changes in your plan with our advanced editor capabilities

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