January 8, 2024

  • Guided Flow and Intuitive Experience for Annexes, Run Books, and Policies and Procedures | Within the Add Annexes flow, users will now see a guided flow through the annexes (EOP), run books (ITDR), and policies and procedures (ECP) sections, making it easier to understand what steps to take next, and a reduction in the number of buttons for the sections specified above to lessen confusion. Additionally, a search/filter capability was added to the agencies section to simplify finding departments/positions to assign primary, coordinating, and supporting agencies to annexes, run books, and policies and procedures. This change applies to EOP, ITDR, and ECP plan types and is accessible by site and plan administrators.
  • More Intuitive Main Menu | The main menu landing page will now display buttons split into multiple categories, including plans, actions, people, places, and things. The plan selection dropdown has been relocated to the top header, providing convenient access to switch between plans from any location within the system and eliminating the need to navigate back to the main menu. Additionally, the “Reports” label has changed to “View Plan.”
  • Quickly Add New Contacts | Easily add contacts in the teams, orders of succession, and delegations of authority sections without returning to the main contact screen.
  • Easily Reassign Roles | If an employee leaves or transfers, users can now easily make multiple assignment changes simultaneously rather than changing each of that person’s assignments individually.
  • Easier Formatting | When copy-pasting in editable text boxes, users can clear formatted styles (bolded text, italicized text, etc.) by highlighting the affected text and clicking the “Clear Formatting” button rather than removing the formatting manually. This change applies to site and plan administrators.

September 24, 2023

We’re excited to share new updates to the BOLDplanning platform, live as of September 24, 2023.

  • Protect Essential Records and Resources Information | Site administrators can now lock fields, disable backport buttons, and disable add buttons. This aids in maintaining consistency throughout the essential records/resources section and eliminates the issue of mismatched data between levels.
  • Enhanced Search Capabilities | Searching within the essential records/resources section is now easier with the ability to use new “Filtered By” and “Position” filters.
  • New Facilities and General Information Page Custom Fields | Users with appropriate access can now add custom fields via the “Add/Edit Custom Fields” button on the administrative controls page, providing the ability to include additional information in the facilities section and general information page.
  • SFTP Integration for Essential Records | This feature allows you to set up automatic secure file transfers. Data such as essential record name, description, type, etc., can be regularly uploaded from other systems by sending a CSV file through secure file transfer protocol (SFTP).
  • Improved Helper Tips | We are continually improving and enhancing the BOLDplanning helper tips throughout the platform.​​​​​​

July 10, 2023

We are excited to share new updates to the BOLDplanning platform, live as of July 10, 2023.

  • Response Actions Report | Users can now quickly run response actions reports in the event of an emergency and view the information in a Word report, allowing you to quickly determine what needs to be done immediately during an emergency and spring into action. This report is available for EOP, ECP, and ITDR.
  • Plan Maintenance Info Added to Plan Summary Report | You now have full visibility into plan maintenance information, including plan update, plan review, and plan approval statuses, by recording the information on the general information page and viewing it in the plan summary report. By default, plan updates can be performed by plan users; plan review and approval can be done by plan administrators. Site administrators can modify these permissions.
  • Updated Rollup Report Section | Users can now view rollup reports by pla