BOLDplanning, a division of Agility Recovery, announced today a new partnership with Risk Solutions International LLC (RSI) to provide consulting services and information technology disaster recovery (ITDR) planning for the public sector. With the addition of ITDR planning capabilities, BOLDplanning now offers a single platform for emergency operations plans (EOP), continuity of operations plans (COOP), business continuity plan (BCP), healthcare preparedness, pandemic planning, and ITDR, in addition to extensive consulting capabilities. 

According to Forrester, only 21% of organizations have a contingency plan for recovering after a ransomware attack, and yet attacks on enterprises are up 500% between 2021 and 2020, costing businesses $11.5 billion. State and local governments are especially vulnerable. An IT disruption affects every aspect of operations, and ITDR strategies can mean the difference between mere seconds of downtime and hours – or even days. 

Federal and state funding for improved ITDR planning is increasing. In June 2022, President Biden signed into law S.2520, providing federal cybersecurity support to state and local governments. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will offer grants to aid in developing, revising, and implementing cybersecurity plans before the end of the year. 

Additionally, Florida is considering new amendments to its Florida State Cybersecurity Act pertaining to ransomware attacks against state and local agencies, including imposing penalties for perpetrators, prohibiting ransomware payments, requiring cybersecurity training, and establishing policies around notifying the state when an attack occurs. Other states are expected to follow suit. 

“I am proud that we will be able to offer this critical ITDR solution to the public sector as another resilience planning tool through this partnership with RSI,” said Agility CEO Jon Bahl. “This is an answer to planning for human-caused and other types of technological disruptions. We will continue expanding our software products and consulting services so everything an organization needs is under one roof.” 

About BOLDplanning 

Based in Nashville, TN, BOLDplanning Inc., a division of Agility, is the leading developer of online software for emergency operations planning (EOP), continuity of operations planning (COOP), business continuity planning (BCP), and hazard mitigation planning (HMP). Our comprehensive online system walks planners through each step of the continuity and emerge