Last month, FEMA announced that it is seeking feedback (particularly real-world case studies) on the draft of a document that provides an executive-level introduction to emergency management concepts and principles for local senior officials. The document, entitled “Local Elected and Appointed Officials Guide: Roles and Resources in Emergency Management,” makes it easier for senior officials to understand, prepare for, and execute their leadership responsibilities to help:

  1. Mitigate community risks.
  2. Save lives.
  3. Protect property.
  4. Recover from disasters.

Three webinars, which included facilitated discussions with stakeholders to help improve the existing draft, were held in March. Two additional document-related webinars are scheduled for April. The dates are as follows:  

 Advance registration is required to participate in these webinar sessions, and it is on a first-come, first-served basis. To register, simply