The Cobb County Emergency Management Agency hosted Emergency Support Function workshops for stakeholders to provide their insight and feedback to be used when updating the 2021 version of the Local Emergency Operations Plan. The 15 ESF workshops, covering functional areas such as Firefighting, Public Health and Medical, External Affairs, and Public Safety, among others, are critical annexes to the LEOP base plan.

Each ESF has a Primary Agency with responsibility over many of the preparedness and response actions and are assisted by a number of Support Agencies. Each of the Primary and Support agencies for all ESFs were invited to participate in the workshops. Feedback was captured in real time during the extensive discussion and incorporated into the LEOP in the platform, hosted by BOLDplanning. BOLD’s Manager of Global Solutions, James Woulfe, led the series of workshops with assistance from Mandi O’Grady.

Special thanks are necessary for Sydney Melton of Cobb EMA for her assistance in coordinating the invitations to all stakeholders and capturing the names and email addresses of all attendees, and also to Bernard King and Cassie Mazloom of Cobb County EMA.