Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, state, local, and tribal governments are continuing to push forward with their Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning efforts. Among them is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a long-time client of Tennessee-based BOLDplanning, Inc. Just last week, October 6-8, 2020, the two conducted not one, not two, but six COOP workshops safely online!

The BOLDplanning REMOTE COOP workshops, which were attended by dozens of agency representatives (plan administrators, plan contributors, and staff) and facilitated by BOLDplanning representative, Will Minkoff, CBCP, covered three important topics: 1) COOP plan development and maintenance, 2) advanced COOP reporting and administration, and 3) pandemic planning. 

According to one workshop participant, the most beneficial part of the workshop(s) was “walking through each part of the [planning] process individually, seeing examples of how it [should be] done, and the type of information necessary.” 

BOLDplanning is proud of its more-than-10-year history with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Special thanks to Brandi Gamble and Joe Bonfanti from the Governor’s Office of Administration for organizing and scheduling workshop participants.

The last time BOLDplanning and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (142 individuals representing a variety of departments) came together for remote COOP workshops was in May 2020.