This week, the San Joaquin Superior Court, in San Joaquin County, California, hosted a series of refresher, advanced, and department-specific continuity of operations planning workshops to bolster their resilience to disruptions from pandemics and all-hazards.

While fresh in the minds of staff who have been working under a COOP activation since March 17, the court system recognized the opportunity to update and revise the critical data, roles and responsibilities, and essential functions for all departments.

Eddie Gonzalez, Security and Safety Coordinator for the Court, and the Business Services department took advantage of BOLDplanning’s COOP Refresher, Advanced, and department-specific workshops. With the executive leadership’s understanding of the importance of a well-developed and complete continuity plan, department directors, managers, and supervisors were asked to attend the workshops that matched their continuity plan responsibilities.

These workshops were carefully designed to ensure safe social-distancing guidelines, and masks were worn by all participants, along with James Woulfe, CBCP, PCP Lvl 1, the BOLDplanning trainer on site. Remote access accommodations were made for staff who could not attend the workshops in person.

After three days of workshops, the San Joaquin Superior Court continuity of operations plans are well suited to ensure the continuity of the courts mission, which is “to resolve disputes and address problems applying the rule of law in a fair, equal, consistent, efficient, timely, and understandable manner with integrity and professionalism. The court shall promote public confidence and provide user-friendly, customer-oriented services and treat all people with respect and dignity in a safe and secure environment.”

Thanks to the San Joaquin Superior Court team for the warm welcome and great work!