While families are doing their best to enjoy the summer, school administrators are trying to figure out when, and how best, to reopen schools in the fall. This year is clearly like no other given the novel COVID-19 pandemic. So, besides planning course curriculum and student activities like normal, educators are now thinking (and yes, worrying) about how to protect their students, and themselves, from the potentially lethal virus. 

They’re trying to figure out exactly how to manage social distancing among children, how to properly clean surfaces between classes, and how to ensure good handwashing, among countless other things. School nurses are also preparing to see more than just pinkeye and the common cold—they’re expecting to see possible COVID-19 cases. And, that could spell serious trouble for students and staff as there may be more quarantines and unfortunately, more school closures, to come.

While there’s a tremendous amount of uncertainty about reopening schools amidst the pandemic, one thing is for sure. Parents and educators alike are more concerned about safety than ever before. And, rightly so. 

Fortunately, most schools across the country have procedures and plans in place to contend with critical situations of all types. Take Tennessee’s Williamson County Schools and the Franklin Special School District, for example. They partnered with BOLDplanning and others, including the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, to develop a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). And, they put it to the test through drills and exercises on a regular basis to ensure the school systems’ continued preparedness. 

Download the case study to learn more now. It’s a quick read and may prove useful as your school continues to try to figure things out for the 2020-2021 school year.