The DC Primary Care Association (DCPCA) continues to make great strides toward the development of its health care emergency and continuity plans (HCECPs) using the online BOLDplanning platform. Most recently (December 17 and 18, 2019), Megan Loucks, Director of Quality Improvement for DCPCA, hosted two Mid-Term Plan Development Workshops in Washington, DC. The workshops were conducted by BOLDplanning subject matter experts and trainers, James Woulfe, CHPCP, CHEP, and Emily Long, PCP Lvl 1. 

Planners in attendance of workshops gained a better understanding of basic emergency management terminology and concepts. They also learned more about navigating the BOLDplanning HCECP tool and continued building out the content of their facility’s plan(s). The two workshops will be followed by individual facility Plan Reviews conducted in February 2020 by BOLDplanning. 

Founded in 1996, DCPCA is a non-profit health equity and advocacy organization dedicated to improving the health of DC’s vulnerable residents by ensuring access to high quality primary health care, regardless of ability to pay. As a leader in the health care community, the association works to ensure that all residents of DC have the ability and opportunity to lead healthier lives – through increased health care coverage, expanded access, improved quality, workforce development, and enhanced communication. 

DCPCA’s membership currently includes 15 community health centers and community-based organizations located in the District of Columbia and the Maryland suburbs. Between them, its members own and operate nearly 60 health care delivery sites that serve approximately 200,000 residents. Together, along with other community-based safety-net primary care providers committed to the DCPCA mission, the association works to create a high quality, equitable, integrated health care system that gives every resident an opportunity for a full and healthy life.

At BOLDplanning, we are proud of the work that DCPCA does, and feel honored to support them in their mission. James and Emily would like to thank Megan for her assistance and guidance throughout the project. They, along with the entire BOLDplanning team, also wish everyone who attended the workshops a happy, healthy (and well-prepared) new year!