Carver County, Minnesota is now one step closer to completing its Continuity of Operations (COOP) plan using the platform. That’s because on October 14-15, 2019, all divisions of the County participated in mid-term COOP workshops facilitated by Tennessee-based BOLDplanning. Such workshops give plan contributors the chance to learn more about the widely used online software, address any/all current planning gaps, plus share in numerous best practices for COOP development.   

Carver County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the State of Minnesota. It is located just southwest of the Twin Cities, and is considered home to an estimated 98,741 people (U.S. Census, 2015). Its communities offer respected and growing schools, reputable medical facilities, and high-tech libraries. And, like other counties, Carver County provides a number of important services, including public works, emergency management, and health and human services, to local residents.

Having a current, and just as important, actionable COOP plan means Carver County has taken the necessary steps to ensure these services (and others) remain available in the event of a business disruption. Such disruptions may stem from natural disasters, IT outages/cyberattacks, fires, and other critical situations. And, as evidenced by recent events across the co