Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. That’s where BOLDplanning spent much of last week, conducting Continuity of Operations (COOP) plan development workshops and exercises for various agencies of the Commonwealth. For the first two days, company representative, Chad Bowers, worked with about 80 workshop participants, helping them further enhance their respective agency’s COOP plans. He also stepped them through two, separate scenario-based exercises, giving everyone the opportunity to test those plans in what could very well be a real-life disaster. The exercise focused on a hazardous material spill caused by a tanker truck accident in the vicinity of the state office buildings located downtown.

Considered a success by all, Chad then moved on to his next stop, the Pennsylvania State Senate. There, inside the State Capitol Building, he led two days of training focused on the updating of all COOP plans for the individual Senate departments. The project was started in 2014, and to this point has included on-site trainings, a tabletop exercise, and now these follow-up refresher trainings. Last week’s sessions were each three hours in length, and gave everyone, novice to advanced users of the BOLDplanning.com platform, the chance to learn even more.

As a co-founder of BOLDplanning, now full-time planning consultant, Chad brings a wealth of real-world knowledge and expertise to the table. (Not to mention a whole lot of passion.) On behalf of everyone at BOLDplanning, thank you to everyone with the Commonwealth for continuing to build and nurture a culture of preparedness, and for making Chad feel so very welcome in your beautiful city.