Considered one of the fastest growing counties in the State of Minnesota, and serving an estimated population of 103,550+ people, Carver County knows the importance of having a rock-solid Continuity of Operations (COOP) plan. It, like so many others across the country, also knows that writing and maintaining an effective COOP is no easy task (in fact, it can be downright hard). Fortunately, Carver County is now using the platform, an online tool that walks planners through each step of the continuity and emergency planning process.

Plan development kicked off in Carver County last week as BOLDplanning held COOP 101 Workshops on August 19 and 20, 2019. Activities were led by company representatives, Brittney Whatley, CBCP, and Mike Van Berkum. Both are happy to report that every division within the County participated in at least one of the many training sessions, and that online plan development is now officially underway.

Over the coming months, Carver County will continue its data collection efforts and further hone its COOP plan. BOLDplanning will return at the appropriate intervals to conduct Mid-term and Plan Finalization workshops. There is also talk of the company facilitating a COOP plan exercise with Carver County later on down the road.