For Tennessee-based BOLDplanning, it’s always a pleasure to travel south to neighboring Georgia, especially Douglas County. The County uses the platform for both its emergency and continuity planning. Last week’s visit (July 25 and 26) to Douglasville, the County seat, involved a one-day Emergency Operations Plan Finalization Workshop, and a one-day COOP Plan Finalization Workshop. Both were led by BOLDplanning representatives, Carlin Alford, Regional Director for FEMA Regions IV, V and X, and Mike Van Berkum, planning consultant (and former Iowa State Patrol Colonel). Douglas County Judicial and Courts, along with the Supreme Court Judges, were among those in attendance.

BOLDplanning is excited about returning to Douglasville in the weeks ahead, as the company will next be involved in the County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) Community Kickoff Meeting. There’s more good news to come on the continued planning efforts in Douglas County and their use of not one, not two, but three modules. Stay tuned!