The commitment and dedication to establishing strong, meaningful Continuity of Operations (COOP) plans throughout the State of Oregon continues this week as BOLDplanning Vice President, Global Solutions, Cathleen Atchison, MEP, PCP, makes the rounds with customers.

On Monday, May 20th, training began in Portland with beginner and refresher workshops available for all planners in the area. Once those sessions conclude, it’s off to Medford on Wednesday, May 22nd. There, Cathleen will train planners in the region on both the beginner and advanced concepts of COOP.

These Oregon visits come on the heels of BOLDplanning’s recent trip to Marion County, where Cathleen conducted COOP workshops at its Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

It has also only been seven months (October 2018) since the State of Oregon conducted its first tabletop exercise of the Governor’s Executive Order Disaster Exercise Series (GEODES). That particular event drew in over 100 participants representing 35 State agencies, and was considered a huge success by everyone involved. BOLDplanning included.

“It is a real pleasure to see the State of Oregon create and nurture such a strong culture of preparedness,” said Atchison. “I, along with the entire BOLDplanning team are thrilled to take part in such COOP planning initiatives and value the many client relationships we have formed across the State over the last several years.”