Creating a culture of preparedness in your community or organization requires leadership that embraces a long-term, strategic vision. That’s part of the reasoning behind BOLDplanning’s Hazard Mitigation Planning (HMP) Five-Year Process package.

Instead of a “one and done” mentality,” BOLDplanning encourages clients to build in checkpoints, workshops, training and exercise events, etc., into their long-term HMP process. The package offers multiple features and benefits, but one key element relates to making grant applications easier.

As a part of our turnkey HMP Five-Year Process package, we will commit to writing a PDM, FMA, or HMGP grant application for your jurisdiction every year during the five-year lifespan of your plan. Even better, BOLDplanning will facilitate these at no additional cost to your jurisdiction over and above the contracted package fees.

This is a value-added service that BOLDplanning provides to help ensure your hazard mitigation planning process results in tangible hazard reduction for all interested stakeholders. Other benefits from this package include annual reviews and workshops that keep your plan fresh and your people well-trained.

If you’d like to learn more about our HMP Five-Year Process package, contact us at, or call 615.469.5558.