Emergency preparedness is not something that is accomplished easily, much less in a vacuum. It requires much collaboration between “partners” representing businesses, schools, government agencies, the nonprofit sector, emergency management, volunteer organizations and others. So, when opportunities like this week’s 2019 Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference (PIEPC) roll around, it’s always good to take part. And, that’s exactly what BOLDplanning, Inc. is doing April 17-18, 2019, as it attends the event in Lynwood, Washington.

PIEPC, a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization, is the largest and most successful regional emergency preparedness conference in the Pacific Northwest. Its mission is “building stronger partnerships in the emergency management field through encouragement, collaboration and continuous education.” As such, the organization’s annual conference draws in hundreds of people who are eager to hear from top-notch speakers with first-hand knowledge of recent worldwide events, including earthquakes, workplace violence, IT disruptions/security breaches, and public health issues.

PIEPC speakers and presenters provide cutting-edge information on subjects such as bus