Effective Continuity of Operations (COOP) planning requires strong stakeholder engagement, consistent training, and deep, hands-on involvement. More often than not, it also usually involves people from multiple organizations or divisions. For these reasons and a litany of others, preparedness planning will simply not be successful if implemented in a vacuum.

This challenge is the reason why BOLDplanning clients across the country are choosing to conduct advanced COOP workshops. They know the importance of well-facilitated sessions geared towards the practical application of planning principles, and understand the importance of identifying solutions to their unique situation(s). They also know that doing so on a regular basis, i.e., once per quarter, semi-annually, or even once per year, lends to creating and nurturing a true culture of preparedness organization wide.

So, what kinds of advanced workshops are available? Here are a few examples of popular on-site planning events with which BOLDplanning can help:

Best Practices/Roadmap Initial Planning Meeting

The Best Practices/Roadmap Initial Planning Meeting, always scheduled during the implementation phase, is intended to more deeply refine COOP policies and procedures. It is facilitated by BOLDplanning Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and considered a good first step toward dealing with the primary components of COOP plans—People, Places and Things—all of which can be shared across multiple departments. Meeting topics generally include:

  • Orders of succession
  • Contact data management
  • Relocation strategy