The work to cultivate a strong culture of preparedness inside the State of Oregon continues. Just this week, over 40 participants from various State agencies, as well several local jurisdictions, came together in Salem for Continuity of Operations (COOP) training conducted by BOLDplanning. The training, designed to further develop the State’s COOP plan and improve everyone’s knowledge of the BOLDplanning platform, was facilitated by company representative and FEMA-Certified Professional Continuity Practitioner (PCP), Cathleen Atchison.

As you may recall, the State of Oregon conducted its first tabletop exercise of the Governor’s Executive Order Disaster Exercise Series (GEODES) last fall. October 17, 2018, to be exact. And, BOLDplanning was there too, along with Oregon’s very first Resilience Officer, Mike Harryman; and over 100 participants representing 35 State agencies.

“COOP training and exercises like those conducted in Oregon over the last six months are invaluable to readiness, response and recovery,” says Atchison. “It is always a pleasure to visit Salem, and to see how the State’s culture of preparedness continues to grow and flourish.”

On behalf of BOLDplanning, thank you for your wonderful hospitality (as always) this week. Keep the conversation going, and of course, keep up the great work!