Always working to foster a culture of preparedness, BOLDplanning spent much of this week visiting with clients throughout Northern California.

The trip kicked off with team members, Karla O’Grady and James Woulfe, visiting with the Judicial Council of California (JCC). In addition to the Council’s Executive Committee, COOP planners from throughout the state’s court system joined in the workshop event. Some even flew in from as far south as Los Angeles to participate! When all was said and done, the Executive Committee seemed very impressed with the results, and agreed to continue their support with continuity planning in the future.

Next, it was off to the City of Palo Alto, where BOLDplanning held an advanced workshop to strengthen the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) portion of the City’s COOP plans. Conversation centered around the need to perform essential functions in a continuity event. Participants not only gained greater insight into the implications of failing to perform these functions, but also invaluable procedures for their quick recovery.

Here’s to two great clients, and two great workshops in California!