The 2018 Annual Emergency Management Association of Tennessee (EMAT) conference was a success. Over 400 emergency managers representing counties and agencies from all over the state of Tennessee attended the event in Chattanooga, TN.

Those in attendance participated in very relevant and thought provoking breakout sessions including “Waffle House 101” which shared what the company did to handle the fateful shooting of last year.

In addition to the vendor hall where emergency managers interacted with industry professionals, there were honors given out as well. One of those honors was the EMAT Business and Industry Award given to Fulton Wold (accepted by Director of Customer Success and Strategy, Carlin Alford). The Award was presented by outgoing EMAT Director, Mac Purdy and State Emergency Management Director, Patrick Sheehan. BOLDplanning was the only vendor to receive this award for 2018.

Thanks so much EMAT for the recognition and the great work you do each day!