Creating an emergency, continuity or hazard mitigation plan is no small undertaking. It’s a complicated and lengthy process that requires a great deal of communication (and collaboration) on many different levels, and from both in- and outside the walls of your organization. It also often requires a certain level of planning expertise that many operations simply do not have with their current staff. For these reasons and a variety of others, many organizations look for vendors, or partners, who can help them meet their emergency, continuity or mitigation planning goals. These partners usually possess one or more of the following certifications, to name just a few:

  • CBCP – DRI Certified Business Continuity Professional
  • CEM – IAEM Certified Emergency Manager
  • MEP – FEMA Master Exercise Practitioner
  • PMP – Project Management Professional
  • ABCP – DRI Associate Business Continuity Professional
  • PCP- FEMA Professional Continuity Practitioner