BOLDplanning just conducted a series of four Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) development workshops over two days in Calhoun County, Michigan. Interestingly, it’s the site of the Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center and the epicenter of federal Continuity of Government (COG)/COOP planning at the dawn of the nuclear age and throughout the Cold War. Calhoun County has chosen BOLDplanning to facilitate the completion of departmental COOPs, a project that they have found to be difficult to push past the finish line.

Our unique method of facilitating on-site plan development workshops using BOLDplanning’s online COOP planning tool, along with Plan Reviews by Certified Business Continuity Planners (CBCPs) and one-on-one Plan Finalization Workshops, ensures that planners are engaged and active in building their department’s plan. And just as important, driven to see its completion (and cross the finish line). Pictured here is BOLDplanning CEO, Fulton Wold, CBCP, as he discusses plan development with the group.

Thanks to Brad Wilcox and the leadership in Calhoun County government for taking a “BOLD” step towards completing the county’s COOP. At BOLDplanning, we know they will go a long way toward making the county more resilient to emergencies, disasters, or disruptions to services provided to its 134,000+ residents. Time well spent!