Training. It can be a real deal breaker for most any organization. Take a manufacturer that’s installing heavy, computerized equipment employees must soon operate. Or a global corporation that’s implementing all-new software for better customer support. Or even a government agency that’s required by law to educate employees about sexual harassment in the workplace. In each of these instances, proper and ongoing training is crucial to the outcome. At BOLDplanning, we believe the same holds true for any emergency preparedness or continuity planning initiative. Why?

Planning for “what ifs” and “worst-case” is tough for any organization, large or small, public or private. Carrying out those emergency operations or continuity plans under extreme conditions, or without the proper training, can prove even tougher. Just ask those who have had to deal with such challenges during critical events in the past. They will tell you that investing in a proper and ongoing training program that supports organizational preparedness is a “must-have.” And, more importantly, that there’s a number of key benefits to gain by doing so. Here’s just six of them.

  1. Proper and ongoing training improves plan quality, minimizing the risk of errors
  2. Proper and ongoing training ensures a deeper and clearer understanding of your organization’s overall preparedness goals
  3. Proper and ongoing training allows you to further develop and strengthen your organization’s readiness and response capabilities
  4. Proper and ongoing training creates a more knowledgeable staff with personnel who can take over for one another, if needed, to carry out essential duties during a critical event
  5. Proper and ongoing training promotes better plan execution
  6. Proper and ongoing training instills a higher degree of confidence in the plan and your organization’s resiliency

As a leader in organizational preparedness planning, BOLDplanning offers customized services to meet your organization’s specific training needs. Our professional assistance ranges from minimal staff training to complete project management for multi-year projects. And, our training approach conforms to all DHS/FEMA guidance, including the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).

To help ensure all BOLDplanning customers are even better prepared to build, and just as important, execute their emergency and continuity plans with confidence, the company is now in the process of expanding its training resources. How so?

BOLDplanning is:

  • Creating and filling new positions within our training department, making additional subject matter experts (SMEs) readily available to support your organization’s planning efforts
  • Stimulating a better understanding of the BOLDplanning platform’s current (and future) features and functionality
  • Exploring and coll