Yes, you read the headline right! BOLDplanning has officially reached the 10,000-mark for the development of actionable Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs), Continuity of Operations/Government Plans (COOPs/COGs), and Hazard Mitigation Plans (HMPs). While the actual announcement was made late last week, we’re proudly continuing to shout it from the rooftops for everyone to hear.

Years in the making (and no small feat), BOLDplanning believes this achievement is a true milestone in the company’s history. Not just in terms of our own success, but for all our customers too. We know that everyone stands to benefit from the experiences and best practices of others. Not to mention, the real-world recommendations of our certified team of subject matter experts.

At BOLDplanning, we welcome the opportunity to help your organization with its EOP, COOP/COG and HMP development, as well as facilitate its training and exercising program. With any luck, we’ll earn your business, and your plan(s) will be among the next 10,000 we deliver.

Take the next step toward creating a better, stronger culture of preparedness within your organization, and help BOLDplanning reach another company milestone. Call 615.469.5558 or email info@BOLDplanning for a free, no-obligation consultation now.