Ensuring the continuity of a legislative body is not something BOLDplanning takes lightly. Neither does the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Secretary of the Senate, Megan Martin. She, along with several others, recently made the decision to make the Senate body a more resilient and prepared organization. And BOLDplanning, of course, was (and is) there to help every step of the way.

Just this week, BOLDplanning Operations Manager, Will Minkoff, and Customer Success Program team member, Karla O’Grady, held two plan development workshops to ensure the group’s understanding of the continuity plan and its execution.

At BOLDplanning, we take our role in such projects to heart, and do everything within our power to ensure our clients’ success. We are thrilled to support the emergency/continuity planning efforts of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and look forward to helping others at all levels of government and across the nation to achieve their continuity planning goals as well.