When it comes to emergency planning, real-world knowledge and technological expertise are crucial for success. For this reason, BOLDplanning’s resident Geographic Information System (GIS/mapping) expert, Cassandra Wolff, CBCP, is now actively working toward her certification as a FEMA practitioner (there are fewer than 100 in the whole country!). And BOLDplanning is cheering her on.

Now, through August, Wolff is participating in classes allowing her to demonstrate, and build upon, her understanding of FEMA’s HAZUS®-MH GIS software. This week’s highly comprehensive class allowed GIS professionals like Wolff to learn more about the science and algorithms that go into forming HAZUS runs, particularly for flooding. Course participants were just taught how to manipulate datasets to produce Level 2 and Level 3 HAZUS runs, we well as simulate “what-if” scenarios through 25-, 50-, 100- and