This year’s IAEM-USA 2018 Region 4 Conference may be winding down, but the momentum for “setting the tone for emergency management” in Nashville, TN, certainly continues. Since Sunday, April 22, emergency managers from several states throughout the southeast have participated in invaluable training sessions, including EMAP (Emergency management Accreditation Program), and shared in the vast wisdom of others. Among the many presenters was Dr. Alison Thompson, a full-time, global humanitarian volunteer whose work spans from 9/11 “Ground Zero” to Haiti.

Conference attendees have also had the opportunity to meet with various exhibitors, including Nashville, TN-based BOLDplanning.

Visitors of the BOLDplanning booth, #15, have had the opportunity to discuss their Emergency Operations Planning (EOP), Continuity of Operations Planning/Continuity of Government Planning (COOP/COG) and Hazard Mitigation Planning (HMP) at length, plus learn how the company’s online software and consultative services can easily and affordably improve their efforts. Many have also also taken part in BOLDplanning product demonstrations, seeing first-hand how the company is (and can) help emergency managers throughout Region 4, as well as across the country.

Today, conference attendees are participating in off-site activities, including a visit to the historic Grand Ole Opry and a tour of the Williamson County Emergency Operations Center (a BOLDplanning customer, by the way) located just outside downtown Nashville.

The annual IAEM-USA Region 4 Conference will come to a close at 2:30 PM CDT.

Rest assured, BOLDplanning is already making plans to follow up with this year’s conference attendees and take part in next year’s event.

Safe travels to everyone who participated, and we’ll see you in 2019 (if not sooner!)