Come next week, February 11-14, hundreds of business continuity and resilience professionals will converge on Nashville, Tennessee—the home of BOLDplanning—for the DRI2018 conference. The annual event, now in its 12th year, is sponsored by DRI International, the leading industry non-profit that helps organizations prepare for and recover from disasters. BOLDplanning, the forerunner in online planning solutions and preparedness services, is a bronze sponsor of the conference, and will occupy booth #206.

Among the BOLDplanning representatives slated to participate in DRI2018 are just-appointed Vice President of Global Solutions, Ed Wolff, CEM, MEP, PCP, and Karla O’Grady, the company’s new Customer Success Manager. Solutions Director, John Taylor, CBCP, and Chad Hardcastle, Operations, will be in attendance as well.

Ed, Karla, John, and Chad, along with other BOLDplanning team members, will provide hands-on demonstrations of the company’s online planning software for COOP/COG, business continuity and emergency operations. They, like most other conference attendees, will also take advantage of the numerous training opportunities offered by DRI International during the high-profile, multi-day event.

Last, but certainly not least, Will Minkoff, CBCP, and Operations Manager for BOLDplanning, will take part in a panel discussion entitled “DRI’s Revamped Professional Practices—How is the BCM Market Keeping Pace?” The discussion, which will be led by the legendary Al Berman, is scheduled for Monday, February 12, from 10:30 – 11:45 AM CST. Don’t miss it!