The new Customer Success Program (CSP) from BOLDplanning, that is. Long in the works, and officially launched the week of January 8th, the program is now in place to elevate company-client communications; orchestrate planning and training activities; and ultimately, ensure every BOLDplanning customer reaches their preparedness and compliance goals faster than ever.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. A lot of time, thought, energy and resources have gone into defining the initiative and building the right team to support it. Here are six simple reasons for choosing BOLDplanning as your planning partner, which inherently makes you part of the company’s new Customer Success Program:

  1. Open and continuous dialogue with customer success liaisons, in addition to other BOLDplanning point(s) of contact
  2. A higher level of coordination and efficiency to ensure your success
  3. Quarterly Health Checks, or QHCs, including guidance with plan reviews
  4. Capabilities assessments and recommendations for improvement
  5. Routine sharing of best practices, white papers and subject matter expertise
  6. Opportunity to provide input into future BOLDplanning products and services

The Customer Success Program reaffirms BOLDplanning’s mission to constantly deliver top flight services through emergency and continuity plans that genuinely work today and tomorrow. It also reinforces the company’s customer service commitment by enhancing existing business relationships to better align with client needs.

As a BOLDplanning customer, you can expect to receive a call or email (or both) from either Carlin Alford, Director, Customer Success & Strategy, or Karla O’Grady, Customer Success Manager, very soon. That is, if you’ve not heard from them already. Their team has hit the ground running!

Want to learn more about BOLDplanning’s new Customer Success Program? Call 615.469.5558 or email now.