The pictures from last week’s massive fire at a senior citizen complex in West Chester, Pennsylvania, tell a terrifying, yet amazing story. The blaze, which all but destroyed parts of the Barclay Friends Senior Living Community just outside Pittsburgh, did not claim a single human life. And, according to the latest reports, only about 30 of the complex’ 160 residents even sustained injuries.

These numbers are especially impressive given the size of the fire, along with the age and physical/mental condition of most evacuees.

Clearly, quick action by the complex’s staff and well over 200 local first responders made a huge difference in the outcome. (Things really could have been so much worse.) For that, the BOLDplanning team, like so many others across the country, is very grateful.

BOLDplanning  is a firm believer in the power of emergency preparedness. This is especially true for facilities like the one in Pennsylvania, which must safeguard the sick and the elderly from potential hazards. As such, the company is actively helping healthcare organizations across the country, specifically those receiving Medicare and/or Medicaid funding, to comply with the Congress-approved CMS Rule for Emergency Preparedness.

The CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule requires certain