05.01.2017  BOLDplanning wishes to make an important announcement regarding our corporate structure. Effective immediately, Peter Hodes, co-founder and CEO, is stepping down and Fulton Wold, co-founder and President, will be assuming all management and ownership responsibilities for the company.

In support of this transition, Peter Hodes says “Building this company will always be a major milestone in my life. I will remember this time fondly and I am VERY proud of our collective success in enhancing preparedness! I want to assure everyone that the company is in a strong financial position and has a dedicated team in place to continue providing excellent customer service. Working with our clients, partners and staff has been an honor and a privilege and was my favorite part of the job. Good luck and thanks for the opportunity to know you all and build this great company.”

Peter will still be involved with BOLDplanning going forward as a sub-contractor partner assisting with various planning initiatives. Any questions relating to this transition should be addressed to Fulton Wold.