BP_LOGOMARKSo what is COOP and why do we need it?

“COOP” is the abbreviated term for Continuity of Operations Planning.  It’s planning done ahead of time so that in the event that an agency/business needs to relocate their office for any reason (fire, bomb threat, flood) they can do so in a coordinated, efficient manner by following the instructions outlined in their COOP plan.  Each COOP plan is unique to each agency/business based on their day to day operations.

But what really goes into a COOP plan?

A well-developed COOP plan should identify and answer several key questions that an agency/business will face when they have to relocate.

(These are not all of the key questions, but will be a great starting point in understanding COOP)

What and where is the alternate facility that we are going to operate from?

An agency/business should identify several possible alternate locations to relocate to and rank them by priority.  Keep in mind that you need to think about the location of the alternate facility in reference to the location of your current facility. Example: If your building were to burn down, then relocating to the library building across the street could be an option. However, if it is a much larger disaster that forces your relocation, such as the floods that devastated New Orleans in 2005, then the library across the street is not likely an option.  Because of this you m